Bridging Physical
And Virtual Art

The Paragon Art Foundation is a recognized, non-profit foundation under German law, whose aim is to promote the future global development of the visual arts through a variety of actions. For this objective, the Paragon Art Foundation initiates its own research projects, acquires its own extensive collection of works by important artists and is committed to the development, expansion and transparency of the global art market.

Since 2021, the two main research and work areas of the Paragon Art Foundation have been the possibilities and concrete implementation of digitization in the fine arts and approaches to improving and opening up the art market to a wider audience.

The Paragon SNFT

Unique in the history of art.

Our Collection

Important works from the various creative periods and editions for its own collection acquisitions.

Virtual Gallery

Take a virtual tour through the collection of our first gallery in Leipzig.


Lastest Aquisitions

Currently the Paragon Art Foundation has once again been able to acquire important works for its collection.